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3up Touch 16-9-19

Online education is where learners and students undertake educational courses primarily using internet. Also, as the name implies, online education is acquired without physically going to an educational institution. However, regular attendance may or may not be required for those students, who undertake online education courses and degrees.In today’s information technology enabled age, online education is offered by many leading and renowned universities. These universities offer various degree programs, which students undertake from the comfort of their homes. Usually, there are set time tables according to which students attend online classes. The lectures are delivered through pre-recorded filmed videos or live videos where many students take classes at the same time according to their study schedules. Lectures notes are usually delivered through emails or through online educational portals, where students can download their course notes and materials. They can also attend online workshops. At the completion of online degrees, universities award them degree completion certificates and related documents.

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